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Well hello there, my name is Milorie, creator of BL(US)SOM YOGA. I'm here to bust yoga myths, translate yoga jargon into real people language and give you actionable tools to help you apply yoga to your life outside the mat.


I choose the name BL(US)SOM because just like a flower made of several petals (traditionally, the thousand-petals-lotus flower), yoga is multifaceted, and only when we put them together can we get to the essence of it. Some aspects come easier than others for each of us, not always the same, just like sunny and rainy days.


Frustration and ruts are common along the way, which is why I want this blog to be a safe space to share and a base to connect with the yoga community around you. Just like flowers growing from a seed, growth through yoga takes time, but it is beautiful and wholehearted. 

I am far from perfect, and I wanted a name that reflects the fact that even if I am a teacher, I will never cease to be a student. I intend to be a friend, a guide, an inspiration and even a model of what not to do. I will be trying things so you don't have to, and I give my authentic opinion on sensitive topics in the hope to spark a reflection of your own or to question well-established practices and standards.


I will share my own yoga way, and I hope it will be useful to your practice. Like any good relationship, we might disagree and we will have very different personal experiences, but hopefully, you'll feel comfortable enough to share with me as much as I do with you, so other readers and I can learn to be better humans.

My dream is to build a community of authentic souls dedicated to integrating yoga into their daily lives, from beginners to advanced practitioners, who feel comfortable sharing their successes and struggles with people who feel just like home.

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